About Us

What is it?

Tu-Easy was built to help consolidate the ESL community in Taiwan. We are a social networking website that connects instructors, students and schools together.

How does it work?

Members can sign up as either an instructor, student or school.

Instructors Instructors have access to our "tutoring" boards to find students to build their tutoring business or just supplement their teaching income. They can also see job postings and schools in their area to find competitive salaries and find the school best for them.

Students Students can post to find tutors, or if they wish to find a cheaper alternative, group tutoring. This way, several friends can get together and pay less per person. Students also have access to our school database where they can see everything from the biggest English schools, to the smaller, family-owned buxibans.
Institutions Schools now have the opportunity to market themselves for free to our large student and teacher database. Paying to advertise for teachers is a thing of the past. Each school is free to post a job posting on our schools board.

Not just Facebook

Tu-Easy is more than just a networking tool. We offer great marketing features to help your business grow, whether it is a tutoring schedule or a busy school. Customizable profile pages to introduce customers to your business, search priority and post priority to make sure people can find you are just a few. For the busy tutor we also have personalized worksheets and resources, specifically made with the Taiwanese students in mind - meaning we pay attention to weakness and differences in language.

No Spam

Our unique communication systems ensure that you will not have to filter spam, ads or personal harassment.


There are 61 Lessons taught already!